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Maiden33's 100 Favorite Albums: A Countdown

I mentioned in PowerMaiden's thread that I had been strongly considering undertaking a giant countdown as he did. I will not be claiming these are all "albums that changed my life", but I can say with a fair degree of certainty that I'm quite confident in this list, and all of these albums mean a great deal to me. The list was primarily constructed solely based on how much I like the albums, though I definitely also added a grain of respect for the top bands and albums of the genres I love. That being said: Yes, I know I passed over some "obvious" selections, but at the end of the day, this is MY list, so I'll call the shots.
I tried VERY much to keep this to "One Album Per Band", but in the end I had to make a couple of exceptions. Less than 10 artists scored a second album on the list. I will generally be posting one selection per day (the first will come either yet tonight or tomorrow). Occasionally I may do more in a day, but 1 will be my general pace.

Comments are welcome, and hopefully I turn some of you onto some great stuff you've never heard of. I know some of you are interested in this thread solely for recommendations of stuff they don't usually listen to. So enjoy!
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