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Cauldron -- Toronto, Ontario -- April 28th, 2011

Crimson Shadows:

New Song
New Song
Kingdom of Ale
New Song (they said the title of this one but I can't remember)

Remain (not sure of the order):

Here I Stand (?)
We are the Damned
A Soldier of Christ Has Fallen

Holy Grail:

Immortal Man
Chase The Wind
Call Of Valhalla
For All Eternity
Hollow Ground
Crisis In Utopia
Blackest Night
My Last Attack
Fight To Kill


All or Nothing
Frozen in Fire
Miss You To Death
Conjure the Mass
Rapid City/Unchained Assault
Queen of Fire
Into the Cauldron
Chained up in Chains


Free Country (cover song)

I won't do a huge writeup, but I will say that Crimson Shadows was amazing, Remain was somewhat boring, Holy Grail was good, and Cauldron was amazing. The problem was that the guy working the sound there thought he should turn it up as loud as humanly possible. Even with ear plugs it was way too loud. Crimson Shadows' set was the only one that wasn't absurdly loud. I've seen Holy Grail before and the sound was way better, so that is the only reason I think they weren't so great this time. Also, James Luna came off as kind of mean when he was introducing the other bands of the night. He didn't actually know Crimson Shadows' name. He was looking at their merch table and first said "Crimson Storm". Even with the noise, Cauldron was still pretty good sounding because they only have one guitar player. They played a really good set too, although I wouldn't have minded a few more songs, or even removing the cover song and replacing it with I Confess, Witch Trail, or Bound to the Stake.

Good show overall, but too loud.
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