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Down -- New York, NY -- April 28th, 2011

It might not be correct order in the middle....

Hail The Leaf
Lysergic Funeral Procession
The Path
Underneath Everything
Pillars of Eternity
Losing All
Ghosts Along the Mississippi
New Orleans is a Dying Whore
Eyes of the South
- encore -
Stone the Crow
Bury Me in Smoke

On at 10pm, off at 11:20. Kinda short compared to years past. Still no Rex, Pat from Crowbar on bass.

EDIT: Duh, how could I forget...during Lifer, Pepper knocked Phil in the head w/ his guitar...split him open...Phil wore the 'Crimson Mask' the rest of the show. After the song, Pepper apologized to Phil to which he said, Bah, it's rock n roll!
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