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Originally Posted by x-voltage View Post
Hey guys, Powermaiden's "top 100 albums that changed my life" thread inspired me to make a top albums list. Great list by the way Powermaiden. These are my personal favorite albums from 2000-2010.

43. It's Nothing Personal-Bury Your Dead
42. Venom and Tears-Throwdown
41. This Darkened Heart-All That Remains
40. All Hope is Gone-Slipknot
39. Educated Horses-Rob Zombie
38. Sworn to a Great Divide-Soilwork
37. Archetype-Fear Factory
36. Horror Show-Iced Earth
35. The Crusade-Trivium
34. Gone Forever-God Forbid
33. Formation of Damnation-Testament
32. The Allstar Session-Roadrunner United
31. Mafia-Black Label Society
30. Supremacy-Hatebreed
29. Ascendancy-Trivium
28. Endgame-Megadeth
27. 1919 Eternal-Black Label Society
26. Motograter-Motograter
25. Sinister Urge-Rob Zombie
24. Death Magnetic-Metallica
23. Digimortal-Fear Factory
22. Vol. 3-Slipknot
21. End of Heartache-Killswitch Engage
20. Train of Thought-Dream Theater
19. Perseverance-Hatebreed
18. The Infection-Chimaira
17. Retribution-Shadows Fall
16. Through the Ashes of the Empire-Machine Head
15. Ashes of the Wake-Lamb of God
14. Way of the Fist-Five Finger Death Punch
13. As the Palaces Burn-Lamb of God
12. Iowa-Slipknot
11. Reinventing the Steel-Pantera
10. Chimaira-Chimaira
9. War Within-Shadows Fall
8. Shogun-Trivium
7. Fall of Ideals-All That Remains
6. Stabbing the Drama-Soilwork
5. Resurrection-Chimaira
4. Mechanize-Fear Factory
3. The Impossibility of Reason-Chimaira
2. Alive or Just Breathing-Killswitch Engage
1. The Blackening-Machine Head
After seeing your list, I wish I didn't like The Blackening as much as I do.
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