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The Black Dahlia Murder to release 'Ritual' in June

Going to be released in Europe on June 17th and North America on June 21st.

"Ritual" track listing:

01. A Shrine To Madness
02. Moonlight Equilibrium
03. On Stirring Seas Of Salted Blood
04. Conspiring With The Damned
05. The Window
06. Carbonized In Cruciform
07. Den Of The Picquerist
08. Malenchanments Of The Necrosphere
09. The Grave Robber's Work
10. The Raven
11. Great Burning Nullifier
12. Blood In The Ink

Artwork and track names are way different from past albums, and there's more than 10 songs on this one, but I'm still looking forward to it!
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