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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
Damn, looks like I gotta get there earlier if the line was long at 5:15 and the doors opened at 6... the doors open at 5 for the Chicago show and I was planning on getting there at 3:30. Hopefully I can make it to the rail. But with Nevermore and Soilwork dropped off and the show being on a Sunday, I don't think the line will be as long, but I'm better off safe than sorry.
Sorry, I guess I didn't explain well. The line wasn't too long when I got there or when doors opened (maybe 100 or so people, it's hard to tell). When I left though, the line was longer than when doors opened. I should also mention that I didn't even head to the front until 6:20 because I went to get merch and used the washroom, so you most definitely could have gotten to the rail if you went in immediately. There were only a couple of people in front of me anyways.

Originally Posted by Maiden33
I love Borealis, REALLY excited to hear the new album. I've probably watched the old demo version of "Where We Started" on YouTube 50+ times.
Heh, me too. They've actually released three songs so far. You can hear Finest Hour on the band's website (under the album's section) and Regeneration on their myspace page.
5/21 - Alice Cooper
6/01 - Primal Fear (?)
6/04 - Untimely Demise
6/09 - Striker, Axxion, Manacle (?)
6/10 - Annihilator, Razor
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