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Symphony X -- Toronto, Canada -- April 27th, 2011

Borealis (7:00-7:30):

Finest Hour
Where We Started
Watch the World Collapse (?)
Forgotten Forever

Blackguard (7:45-8:20ish):

This Round's on Me

Symphony X (taken from

Of Sins and Shadows
Serpent's Kiss
End of Innocence
Paradise Lost
Smoke and Mirrors
Eve of Seduction
Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)


The Odyssey

My story of last night is a bit strange. I'm actually not familiar with Symphony X at all, besides knowing they have the very talented Russell Allen on vocals. I only decided to go because Borealis was added on the bill. I knew I would have to get up early this morning, so I decided I would watch Borealis, Blackguard (who I also like) and then leave. Powerglove is not my thing, and I unfortunately couldn't stay for Symphony X. Nevertheless, I got some strange looks as I was leaving at 8:30.

Borealis was amazing. It was my fourth time seeing them and one of the best. They initially planned to bring some copies of their new album to the show to sell (it comes out May 20th in North America but was released April 13 in Japan), but the CDs were held up at customs. Instead, they put a pre-order list out at their merch table. Before they played, I went over and talked to the keyboardist for about 5 minutes and pre-ordered the new CD. Luckily, their setlist was all new songs. The first three songs had been played live before, but the last two had not. It was also the final show with guitarist Ken Fobert and the last song was dedicated to him. Matt Marinelli had some trouble with a mic stand, but besides that, the band was in top form. The sound was decent too, it wasn't too loud or anything. It was pretty exciting for me because normally at this venue I hang out close to the stairs (without going into the pit area), but I went into the pit area this time and had only 2 people in front of me.

I decided to stay where I was for Blackguard, although I was a little worried because I knew there would be pits and I didn't want to get into that. Blackguard came on and played the only song I recognized (I only bought the new album last night, so I'm not too familiar with them, but I saw them with Deicide), Firefight. Much like the last time I saw them, the band was filled with energy, running around everywhere and having a really good time. During the second song, the first pit got started and even though I was very close to the front, I was still getting hit. I moved further away for the rest of the set, and ended up watching the pit for quite a bit of time too. I know that one of the brothers from Crimson Shadows was in there (not sure which one). I know the first four songs were from the new CD and the last were from the debut as Blackguard. I only picked up the last song title though.

Once the band finished, I left and the venue really started filling up. As I was getting driven away, I noticed the line was even longer than when I had been there (I got there at 5:15 and doors were at 6).

If anyone has the setlist of Powerglove or can confirm the rest of Blackguard's setlist, I'll edit it in. I'm going to see Holy Grail/Cauldron tonight and should give a good rundown of that as well
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