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Protest the Hero -- Greensboro, NC -- April 24th, 2011

I arrived at the Greene Street Club at 4:30, after a long ass drive. Doors opened at 6:00 and the show started 6:30. I was surprised how small the main floor was at this venue. There was no rail or security guys to separate the crowd from the bands, just a small step up to the stage. The two local opening bands were pretty interesting. The first, Dreamkiller, featured a female singer. They were okay. The second opening band was Hephystus. I actually liked them quite a bit, except for the vocals.

Tesseract was next on stage. I was excited to see these guys after hearing their debut album. They had major problems getting their equipment set up, so they had to play a shortened set. The short set sucked, but the songs they did play were fucking spot on. I was really impressed with these guys. Watch out for this band in the future. I'm not sure of the songs they played but it was most likely a shortened version of this set:

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster played next. I am a huge fan of this band. I had seen them live once before, here in Johnson City, so I knew what to expect. I guess these guys are big in Greensboro, because as soon as the first song started the crowd, which had been pretty docile, went fucking nuts. You could hear the crowd singing the lyrics over the music at certain points during the set, which was awesome. I had to fight the rest of the night to hold my position close to the stage. Maylene put on a hell of show, especially Dallas Taylor. This guy is truly a great stage presence. During the second to last song he climbed up to the second level and then hung off the railing while he sang. You gotta love it when a vocalist is so passionate about performing. Their music was spot on as well. Probably the most fun I've had during a set in a long time.

Memories of the Grove
Just a Shock
Dry the River
Waiting on my Deathbed
Listen Close
Darkest of Kin
Raised by the Tide
Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead
Step Up (I'm On It)

Protest the Hero was next. Protest is one of my favorite bands, and this was my first time seeing them live. Well... I was not disappointed. Their set was perfect. Rody was hilarious between songs. I was happy with the song selection. Good mix of Kezia, Fortress, and Scurrilous. Can't wait to see these guys again. Set list was same as posted here:

Tesseract: 8.5/10
Maylene: 9/10
Protest: 9.5/10
9/3 - Periphery/THA/Contortionist
10/18 - GWAR/ETID
10/27 - BTBAM/Animals As Leaders
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