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I met a few people at NEMHF. Garin Rosen from Arsonists Get All The Girls is one of the nicest guys i've ever met. He came up to me and my friends in the parking lot and just started shooting the shit with us for about 10 minutes. He talked about how bad the first day of the fest was and how the bands they were on tour with (Our Last Night,Vanna) were really nice dudes, but he hated their music. Really cool and funny dude, he even asked us if we had any beer he could buy off us.

Josh Miller from Son Of Aurelius was a really nice as well. He was stoked I recognized him and he was really apprecitative I checked out their set and was a fan of their music. Also said hi to Evan from Skeletonwitch(he was talking to someone else) and he gave me a high five and commented on my Breathing The Fire shit.
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