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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Nothing's more irritating than folks who, because they know I listen to metal, ask me if I like bands of this sort all "enthusiastically," in an effort to just find common ground musically. I feel bad when I have to say "no, I don't really like them."
Haha, that actually reminds me of something: I wore a Slipknot shirt to a family thing at my grandparents', and this dude that my aunt was dating (dude was like my Dads' age, mid-late 40's) see's me (and this is the first time he's ever met me) w/ the shirt and he's like "SLIPKNOT!!! Hell yeah!!" And this dude was wearing an earring and polo shirt w/ popped collar. He was a nice guy, but I really wanted to say to him "Dude, you're 45, give it up". Haha, funny stuff.

NOTE : To people in their 40's here : I am ripping on the dude cause he was wearing an earing and popping his collar at 45, not because he's 45.

And yes, I'm a Slipknot fan.

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