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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
A representative for FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's management has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"I think it was an honest mistake on someone's behalf, but we would like to be clear that NOTHING about this Musicians Institute flyer was approved by FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH or their management in any way. This flyer's existence was honestly not made known to the band or to management until it was posted on Blabbermouth. Even the band photo on the flyer is over three years old and has [former FIVE FINGER guitarist] Darryl Roberts in it, which hasn't been used in years. This flyer with an outdated photo and list of criteria are not from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH in any way, shape or form."
I was wondering when I'd see something like that.

Believable? Yes.
Less funny? No.

Someone out there is a fucking excellent troll if true.
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