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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
It's funny reading through this I saw "The mighty all knowing one" bashing Slayer fanboys
What? Is this suppose to be directed at me?

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
and Wizz bagging on LOG and Gojira fans. I just don't get it man. I know some hot chicks who are LoG fans including a Ravens Cheerleader so they're not all meatheads like people always insinuate.

I listen to all of these bands mentioned in this thread (except Brokencyde... never heard of them) and don't hate on any of them or their fans. Hell I just gave Arcade Fire a 13th listen because Brad worships them and even though I don't get it, I don't hate them or their fans.

Cracking jokes about a band being hippie hipsters or whatever is cool but some of this shit is useless banter.
I was just joking about the brokencyde thing

I like Lamb of God. Some of my good friends are hardcore lamb of god fanboys. Infact, I was suppose to see them open up for metallica in san diego back in 2008 but we hit MAAAAD traffic and ended up missing all of lamb of gods set and got there 5 minutes before metallica hit the stage. We were all pretty damn wasted and really pissed, but then it quickly changed when metallica came on. Still pretty bummed out.

Also for the record. Even though I dont like listen to all kinds of genres like you, I do have friends that worship and are huge fans of great bands such as emmure, parkway drive, Suicide Silence, Windss of Plague and I totally respect their taste in great music(it does suck when they blast it in my face some times, i won't lie). I never bash them at all, infact some times i lie and tell them it sounds great just cause i feel like a douche if i tell them it sucks.

Anyways, yeah big four was cool, but I think I had a little more fun at scion rock fest
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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