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It's funny reading through this I saw "The mighty all knowing one" bashing Slayer fanboys and Wizz bagging on LOG and Gojira fans. I just don't get it man. I know some hot chicks who are LoG fans including a Ravens Cheerleader so they're not all meatheads like people always insinuate.

I listen to all of these bands mentioned in this thread (except Brokencyde... never heard of them) and don't hate on any of them or their fans. Hell I just gave Arcade Fire a 13th listen because Brad worships them and even though I don't get it, I don't hate them or their fans.

Cracking jokes about a band being hippie hipsters or whatever is cool but some of this shit is useless banter. I own every Megadeth album and consider myself a fan but if there is any bands fans I don't want to be associated with it's those fans. Reading some of the pro-Megadeth posts just makes me laugh sometimes. Add that to the fact they refuse to play most of their best songs for sheep reasons and I just don't get it.

And for the record some of the coolest people I've ever met in my life are Gojira fans... and I agree Slayer needs more Hell Awaits but they still win the setlist award in my eyes. I expected Metallica to shock the world with more gems off Kill em All and the very last song in the world I ever want to see live again is Seek & Destroy. NEM being second...
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