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I wasn't comparing the quality of the bands music, I was comparing their historical significance. Is Witchfinder General better than Black Sabbath? Yes (shut up.) Am I going to say seeing them like was a bigger deal than Sabbath in their heyday? No. Lamb of God and Gojira do nothing for my personal music tastes (and their fans fucking suck) but my problem was that you can't interject any band you like and claim its as important of an event as the Big 4. I don't even really like the Big 4, certainly don't worship their music. But it is a big deal, whereas LoG is just another new band. As big as Anthrax back in the day? Maybe. But there wasn't more extreme metal (not a que for Exodus or whoever the fuck else came first corrections) prior to the existence of the four bands playing at this show, and like it or not they defined what the genre of thrash metal is to this day. Metal was going strong for 20 years before Lamb of God even existed, so even if they have influenced modern bands you can't compare the magnitude of their influence. At all.
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