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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
wasn't talking about album sales... wait were you saying that album sales correspond to how good a band is?
Haha. Seriously, album sales don't mean shit to me. There are so many great bands out there that get little exposure because main stream record companies don't want to sell their shit because its not part of the cookie cutter shit the record company wants to put out and sell a million copies of. For instance, Taylor Swift is only good at sucking dick not music, Hank III is way better at real country music and he has sold a percentage of what that bitch has.

But to your point about the different Slayer sounds, yeah Show No Mercy to Hell Awaits sounds different than the other Slayer albums just cause their the best ones. Reign in Blood kicked ass, but that was the last good effort Slayer put out. I will always say SNM, HA and HTC are the best things Slayer put out because they are evil and violent as fuck. Well to be honest, Live Undead is a little better than SNM cause it doesn't have as much high singing and a little more raw. Around the late 80s, a lot of those great thrash bands lost their touch in my opinion. SOH and SITA had some decent songs on it, but I didn't like them that much overall. I really liked CI and WPB when I first heard it but got over them fast and don't really care for them that much anymore. Basically the first few releases that I mentioned earlier are the only ones that can keep my attention consistently
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