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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
No, if you buy one Slayer album, let's be honest, you've bought one Slayer album.

Show No Mercy doesn't sound anything like any other Slayer album, same goes for Hell Awaits. South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss are pretty similar stylistically, but if you only buy Seasons, then you're gonna miss out on the great songs on South. The albums sound alike, but the songs do not. Those two also sound somewhat like Reign in Blood, but not entirely.

Even their later efforts don't really sound like each other. Diabolus sounds nothing like the rest of their discography. Neither does GHUA. Christ Illusion and WPB are kinda similar. Divine Intervention does sound a lot like Reign in Blood. That's it.

I'm just fucking sick of everybody saying that all of Slayer's albums sound the same. It's not true at all.
Well when everything I have ever heard sounds the same then I beg to differ on your point. You lot being Slayer fans doesn't do the greater audience of metal any justice. You all have the bias of saying that Slayer is different album to album, but if you pull a song from each, thrash is thrash and there is no if's and's or but's about it. Same goes with death metal but I don't argue it because I accept it. But to think that Slayer are as successful as Megadeth as someone else posted is laughable at best. Megadeth have sold an estimated 26 million records, opposed to Slayer's 3,967,918 (2005).

As of 2005:
Show No Mercy: 158,000
Haunting The Chapel: 109,000
Live Undead: 67,000
Hell Awaits: 148,000 482,000
Reign In Blood: 509,000
South Of Heaven: 485,000
Seasons In The Abyss: 659,000
Decade of Aggression: 406,000
Divine Intervention: 493,000
Undisputed Attitude: 238,000
Diabolus In Musica: 290,000
God Hates Us All: 304,000
Christ Illusion: 101,918

"Killing is My Business...And Business is Good!*"- 197,000
"Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?*" - 609,000
"So Far, So Good...So What*!" - 388,000
"Rust In Peace*" - 781,000
"Countdown to Extinction*" - 2,272,000
"Youthanasia" - 938,000
"Hidden Treasures*" (out of print) - 286,000
"Cryptic Writings*" - 787,000
"Risk" - 322,000
"The World Needs A Hero" - 219,000
"The System Has Failed" - 171,000

*Not factoring re-issue

New Albums:
World Painted Blood 1st week: 41,000
United Abominations 1st week: 54,000
Endgame 1st week: 45,000
Endgame as of April: 150,000

Stats don't lie, Slayer ain't nothing to Megadeth.
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