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I just got back to Denver...and FUCKING WOW what an experience!!!

My friend and I flew into Ontario and did the shuttle thing; we missed most of Anthrax's set due to traffic and me making sure to get my size shirt; From what I heard they put on a great show but since we missed I can't give it a grade

Megadeth was good but something felt lacking; the setlist was ok but nothing blew me away and the sound seemed a little muffled, I don't know if it was the wind or what; They were tight musically and it was good but it has been all stuff I have heard before; C mon Dave live a little!


Slayer...HOLY SHIT they stole the whole show imo; what a perfect setlist (ok if I am picky I wanted to hear Mandatory Suicide, Chemical Warfare, and/or Hell Awaits) but DAMN; Fucking postmortem tore my head off and to flow into Raining Blood AND Black magic was pure win. Dead Skin Mask may be overplayed but that night was special, and you cannot go wrong with Silent Scream. They kept pounding us with Antichrist and Payback!

Even as much shit Americon gets I liked it live....More thumbs up for playing my favorite Seasons....then the real treat was Jeff coming on for South and Angel; I will say Gary Holt did a great job for the 1st part of the set but seeing Jeff play even a little after all he has been through was special;

Overall Slayer stepped it up and had perfect sound from where we were..I went the most crazy (those couple of beers helped) but hands done Slayer were the best 11/10

Metallica did played great as they have the past 4 times I've seen them, but I felt their setlist was kinda ho hum; nothing special for me...expect of course Orion that was fucking sweet glad they did that for the US fans finally

I wasn't in love with the Big 4 Am I Evil thing; don't great me wrong I enjoyed it but I think it was more special when they did it in Sofia for the DVD; I think it should have stayed a one time thing; it felt like it lost some luster last night. 9/10

As for the show I think they did a great job with the setup; the sound was great from almost everywhere; the weather was PERFECT: clear skies and sun but a nice breeze to keep us cool; Hell even the food was good. My only gripe here was they did a horrible job on the merch table; No control on lines and jamming everyone into a close space with no direction on who was next or what

Aside from that I have to say this was the best show I have been to ever; I was glad to meet Sep. I'm sorry we didn't meet up some more but it was a trip to see someone in real life from these forums

We were a part of history and I was glad to be there
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