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I don't understand how people can be think Metallica's set is weak in anyway. If you were at that show you'd be going nuts during CD, FWTBT, RTD, FTB, Sanitarium, Orion, Blackened, AMI and HTL. So don't try and act like your cool by bitching about it. When was the last time Metallica played a single set with all those songs in it?

I get why some maybe kind of "meh" about the other sets but at least Metallica was the only band who attempted to make the set special in someway. I guess I can say the same for Anthrax because of ATL and AIR being added in. If anybody mailed it in it song selection wise it was Megadeth and Slayer becuase they played the exact same set they were doing on the European Canage tour for the last month. Still, their sets aren't bad at all.

I would've loved to have gone to this but hopefully this will lead to a full tour next year. Honestly, if I were to go to see this show and I got the same exact setlists that they played here I'd be happy as hell.
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