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I'd love this set, but I wish they'd have The Beacon and/or Singular in the set in place of Giants or Raidho, not that those are bad songs, I still love them. Same goes with Fusion of Sense and Earth. I'm really glad that they're playing Return to Yggdrasil, that's probably one of my favorites from them. And I agree with Wine, I hope they bring Clouds back, along with a couple other ones from Vertebrae and Isa (To the Coast, Reflection, Bounded by Allegiance). I think it would also be a great idea for them to bring back some older black metal material, or at least stuff from Mardraum, I could see alot of those songs working really well with the current lineup. (Heavier than Night - Larger than Time!!!). Also, Below the Lights...that's all I need to say. I also absolutely love the fact that they're playing both Allfadr Odhiin and Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor.

I'm not bitching, this is just one of my favorite bands and I'll take anything they give me. I've been rambling, I guess I should head over to the dream setlists forum...
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