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Yes, these sets are underwhelming.
Anthrax: Needs Medusa! Very catchy song. I'm glad they've stopped playing Only. I don't hate the John Bush era but I remember the crowd at the jagermeister show I went to didn't really respond to it well. The dude next to me who was singing all their songs completely froze when they played it. And this is a thrash worship fest, why not play the most brutal thrash song (in my opinion): Gung ho. I can only imagine the moshing.
Megadeth: Way too mid paced, especially for the "state of the art spped metal band." (They had that on concert advertisements back in the 80s.) I am also shocked that my last words was not played because it was played on one of the Jagermeister dates as a request from Lars. (Apparently he was at that gig.) I think it would have been cool to hear Mechanix, especially since Metallica was waiting back stage. Hangar 18 should have been replaced with Take no prisoners. Trust is a sucky opener. Set the world afire would have been more apporiate.
Slayer: I don't like them that much but antichrist is a cool song and one that I know hasn't been played often.
Metallica: Damn, did they just dial in that set or what? Although I would love to hear Creeping Death live, they need to drop it as an opener. I still think Damage inc could open a show well. Fade to black, sanitarium and nothing else matters need to go. One should be the only "ballad." I think it's a crime that they haven't played Dyer's eve for any of the big four shows. (At least to my knowledge.)
But It seems like people had a good time.
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