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Sepultura -- Sayreville, NJ -- April 23rd, 2011

Wow, what an amazing show. After going to all kinds of shows with newer bands and hxc death bands I almost forgot how awesome a real metal show was!
Doors were at 6, first band to play was a local band called Ptosis and they weren't good, kinda played generic metalcore but they sucked at it. I timed it they played from 6:38 to 6:50, and in 12 minutes they banged out 3 songs that all sounded the same. 1/10

After them was a band that I was very much looking forward to, Bonded By Blood! These guys were the best opener to a great show like this. Apparently they missed the first couple dates because they're van broke down but I was so happy they played tonight. Newer band playing awesome thrash, these guys killed it! 8/10
Immortal Life
Blood Spilled Offerings
600 A.B.
Feed The Beast

Then came the token Tech death band of the night, Neuraxis. These guys were fantastic. Second best band of the night in my opinion. The vocalist was jacked and jumping around on stage belting out his insane voice, spot on guitar work, brutal drumming, I couldn't have been happier with these guys! The only downside was that they had to cut their set a little bit but so did every band. 9.25/10
Savior and Destroyer
???? (song off new album)

Then after them was Keep of Kalessin. They were pretty good, blackened death band from Norway! Honestly they weren't great but not disappointing just not a huge black metal fan. I'm assuming their set was the same as the other night 6.5/10
The Awakening
Dragon Iconography

Hate played next and remember what I said about not being a black metal fan? Well these guys were fucking awesome. So like Behemoth, who I love, so I enjoyed these guys very much. 8/10
Resurrection Machine
Luminous Horizon

After them was Belphegor! Now these guys were good but I would've enjoyed them more if they weren't so fucking loud! They were good but their equipment was so loud that you could barely hear the vocals, and it was hard to distinguish some riffs. I was eventually able to find a spot where I could hear it okay but their sound almost killed em for me. 6/10
In Blood- Devour This Sanctity
Belphegor- Hells Ambassador
Angeli Mortis De Profundis
Impaled On The Tongue of Sathan
Lucifer Incestus
Fall To Rise and Rise To Fall
(played one or 2 more but I didn't catch the names)

Finally, a band I've been waiting almost 5 years to finally see, SEPULTURA! They killed it live! There was pretty much no pit all night but when these guys played the whole place turned into a pit. Had a great time and they were amazing live, so glad I finally got to see them. Set might be a little out of order. 9.5/10
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted For Life
Kairos (new song)
What I Do!
The Treament
Seethe (new song)
Troops of Doom
Meaningless Movements
Biotech is Godzilla
Inner Self

Roots Bloody Roots
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