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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
What a bitch of a setlist. I thought they'd play My Last Words for sure.
I know because Megadeth's track record with MLW being in the set speaks for itself. I mean how can they not play a song that they never play to begin with?

Other than that the set is solid. I'm a bit torn on them opening with Trust. It's a strange choice but the song has a nice build to it before the main riff kicks in. So I guess it could work alright as an opener.

Anthrax's set is fine. It's nice to see ATL and AIR make in there since they weren't playing playing those on the American Carnage tour. But GTT has got to go in favor of something better off of POT. Appanently since Joey's come back Anthrax has forgotten that album exists

I wonder if Metallica has anything special planned for their set?
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