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Originally Posted by Scrotor View Post
Man, I'm fucking psyched about The Odyssey, but man I wish they would have kept Evolution... or, really, at least one song from V.

Oh well. Haven't seen them live, and I know it's going to rock cocks, so can't complain I suppose.
Agreed. As cool and special as it was the see The Odyssey, I have to be completely honest here; it was boring as fuck, with the exception of the beginning and "Champion of Ithaca." I could've been because I listened to the song a total of 2.5 times and didn't know it perfectly, but I think it would've been much better if they played "Evolution," "Sea of Lies," "Inferno," etc. Oh well, those songs are pretty much staples, so I'm sure they'll play them on their next tour.

Also, the band had a good 15 minutes or so after The Odyssey before the curfew went into effect, which really made me wish they played at least one more song.

But yeah, don't worry. The band always performs perfectly.
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