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Ozzfest 2012

Main Stage
Iron Maiden
Cradle of Filth
Cannibal Corpse

Second Stage
Rob Zombie
Shadows Fall
Winds of Plague
Children of Bodom

Select Dates
Job For a Cowboy
Suicide Silence
Lamb of God

Iron Maiden Set
Satellite 15.... The Final Frontier
Alexander The Great
Fear of The Dark
Bring your Daughter to The Slaughter
Can I Play with Madness
Coming Home
The Alchemist
2 Minutes to Midnight
The Number of The Beast
Aces High
Run to The Hills
When The Wild Wind Blows
Hallowed be Thy Name

Slayer Set
Jesus Saves
Criminally Insane
Hate Worldwide
Mandatory Suicide
South of Heaven
Angel of Death
Dead Skin Mask
Raining Blood
Chemical Warfare
Hell Awaits

Ozzy Set
Mr. Crowley
Shot in The Dark
Life Wont Wait
Flying High Again
Crazy Train
Bark at The Moon
Suicide Solution
Demon Alcohol
Diary of a Madman

Cradle of Filth Set
Gilded Cunt
At The Gates of Midian
Devil to The Metal
The Death of Love
The Twisted Nails of Faith
The Black Goddess Rises
Her Ghost in The Fog
From The Cradle to Enslave

Cannibal Corpse Set
Priest of Sodom
No Remorse
I Cum Blood
Death Walking Terror
Meat Hook Sodomy
Shredded Humans
Evisceration Plague
A Skull full of Maggots
Fucked with a Knife
Hammer Smashed Face

Second Stage
Rob Zombie Set
Sinners Inc./Demon Speeding
More Human Than Human
American Witch
Werewolf Women of The SS
Living Dead Girl

Gwar Set
Lust in Space
Saddam a Go Go
Death Pod
Metal Metal Land
Back to Iraq
Let us Slay

Shadows Fall Set
The Art of Balance
Ghost of Past Failures
King of Nothing
What Drives the Weak
Bark at The Moon
The Light that Blinds

Venom Set
Buried Alive
Metal Punk
Kings of Evil
Black Legions
Angel Dust
Black Metal

Behemoth Set
Pure Evil and Hate
Dragon's Lair
Inflamed with Rage
At The Left Hand Ov God
Ov Fire and The Void

Winds of Plague Set
Anthems of Apocalypse
Decimate The Weak
Drop the Match
Refined in the fire
Forged in Fire
The Impaler

Children of Bodom Set
Bed of Razors
Bodom Beach Terror
Living Dead Beat
Angels Don't Kill
Taste of my Scythe
Hate Crew Deathroll

Select Dates Bands
Job For a Cowboy Set
Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
Entombment of a Machine
Summon the Hounds
Suspended by The Throat
The Rising Tide

Suicide Silence Set
Wake up
New Song
The Price of Beauty
New Song
Green Monster
Destruction of a Statue

Lamb of God Set
Walk With Me in Hell
Black Label
Set to Fail
Age of Ultron
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