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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
At what point does any band become a "cover act"? I don't understand why some band line-up changes are OK and other aren't. Some bands change personnel all the time and no one minds, certain other bands do it and everyone cries "tribute act". One rule for one, another for everyone else. It's never made sense.

And why should the others stop? Cancel all their tour plans and not do what they want to do just because one guy doesn't feel like taking part? Bullshit.

KK really doesn't add much anyway. I won't miss him when I see them at least twice on this tour. It's still Priest, and their set will still be worth seeing.

If KK were there you'd pay the full $40 or whatever? You were really going to pay $20 to see a Judas Priest show and $20 to see KK Downing specifically? I don't think so.
Gee, he's only a founding member, I'd say that qualifies as a big departure, no?

As to your last paragraph, if I go and pay to see a movie, I wanna see the movie, not the deleted scenes featurette. If I go to Yankee Stadium, I wanna watch the Major League club, not the AA farm team. Paying full price for something also carries the promise of seeing the full package as advertised, that's why I feel bad for European fans who bought their stubs already...they got the shaft.

No one cares when Fred Durst Johnny Fill In The Blank leaves group XXXXX because they aren't unique or special, that's why it's different in this case.

a) Billy Gibbons leaves ZZ Top, is it still ZZ Top?
b) Dennis Stratton leaves Iron Maiden, is it still Iron Maiden?

You're telling me you can't see the difference in this? Das not compute on this one?
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