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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Really? He's the most expendable after hard rock's most one-note bass player next to Cliff Williams?
I don't know about Cliff Williams, but Ian Hill has the capacity to play the bass really well, he just recognizes that the music he plays needs a solid bassist, not somebody flashy, and sticks with that roll. Regardless, I would say that KK is more important to the band. I'm sad that he's gone, but this is it for Priest really. After this they'll be doing studio work and only sporadic live shows, and with half of their songwriting core gone and their frontman having a perfectly successful live band he seems to enjoy touring with, I'm not optimistic that they'll be around at all for too much longer.

I wish that KK was on the album, but it was probably written, if not recorded already, with his input, and I also wish that I could see them with him live, but I'm sure the show will be amazing anyways and I'm sure they picked a good replacement. I also have a lot of respect for KK for making his departure painless and acting gentlemanly towards the band.

One thing I wonder though is if the band's retirement from active touring was caused by KK's problems, compounded by Halford's solo work being successful enough that he had an alternative route. With KK gone and Halford having more freedom in Priest to write Priest might reverse their decision to end it, but that's just random, wishful speculation.
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