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Originally Posted by VoidFlame View Post
Totally insane show! At first I didn't know what to expect about the new Sepultura line-up, but they just destroyed the place! Without a doubt one of the best live bands ever. Go see this.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Now I have someone that can finally vouch for me!!!

Theres way too many shmucks on this board that talk smack on the current line up of sepultura but if they could just go check them out in concert all that would change. I saw Sepultura 3 months ago and they were honestly just like you of the best live bands ever...90% of that is because of Andreas kisser of course.

I'M FUCKING JEALOUS. They played Biotech is Godzilla!?! We didnt get that at my show. When I saw them I must have screamed that song out loud like 800 times, and the funny thing is they could easily hear me since I was in the front, right next to derrick and andreas. They probably heard my demand and decided to play it for this tour. Sadly Sepultura isn't the kind of band that like to flip flop sets around so I'm pretty damn certain this is going to be the official set list for the entire tour. Not bad at all. Its pretty much the same exact set that we got in Anaheim back in January, the only difference is you guys are missing some songs.

But Damn! Glad they are keeping meaningless movements in the set! And the fact that they are going to have Biotech is Godzilla for this entire tour makes me jump in joy. Biotech is Godzilla is basically my favorite sepultura song ever made. Seeing this review is getting me so excited to see them in May
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