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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
A Change of Drummers
Part i: Sudden Departure
Part ii: The Long Wait
Part iii: The Long Wait (reprise)
Part iv: The Cryptic Tweet That Stumped Them All
Part v: The Realization that The Cryptic Tweet Meant Nothing
Part vi: The First Announcement That Should Not Be
Part vii: We Have a Drummer, but I can't Tell you who it is
Part viii: Still Can't Tell You
Part ix: The Second Announcement: There will be An Announcement.
Part x: The Announcement Lies Within (the Second Announcement)
Part xi: And the Drummer is...
Part xii: Where did everybody go?
7.30 Rush
8.22 Motörhead / Saxon
10.9 Pseudogod
10.14 Bölzer
10.18 Archgoat
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