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If you like to read my unholy long full review here is the link Anyways, here is my abridged review.

Structures: A decent deathcore act from Toronto. Nothing groundbreaking, but they were pretty good at what they do especially considering the fact that they are all 18 and 19 years old.

Volumes: Another deathcore act. They had two vocalists, neither were good. A couple of decent progessive sections, but for the most part abundant breakdowns that didn't really go anywhere. Not completely god awful, but pretty forgetable.

The Contortionist: First band I was excited to see on the entire day. They put on a damn fine show. Really talented up and coming band.

Son Of Aurelius: Fucking awesome. They were spot-on live. Their vocalist was a madman and his high-pitched screaming were nuts. He was also insanely energetic and went into the crowd for their last song. I was stoked to seeing Facing The Gorgon in the set. I was unsure if they played it live and it was the highlight of their set. It translated so well live. A criminally underrated band that I hope can get a bigger following

Last Chance To Reason: My top discovery of 2011 so far. Their new record Level 2 is awesome and I highly suggest checking it out. Really solid progessive metal with tinges of metalcore. At times, they really reminded me of Between The Buried and Me. Their vocalist sounded fantastic live, he has one hell of a range. Great show.

Lazarus A.D: really surprised with me how good they were. I haven't seen a straight thrash band in a while. The pits were awesome and I love would to see them again soon.

Cephalic Carnage: Fun as hell as always.

Revocation: First time seeing them and they fucking slayed. David Davidson is one of the best guitarists in metal. Everything solo was perfect live. I really hope they get the opening slot on Summer Slaughter so I can see them again.

The Ocean: Letdown of the day. The screaming and the band sounded fine, the clean vocals were kind of meh in a live environment. Still good, but not quite up to what I was expecting.

Dying Fetus: Brutal as hell. Pretty much brutal death metal bliss. Can't wait to see them again at Summer Slaughter.

3 Inches Of Blood: Despite their set getting cut short, they were awesome. The new songs sounded great, I can't wait to hear their new material. 3rd time seeing them and I am stoked to see them again.

Skeletonwitch: Holy shit. I saw Skeletonwitch at NEMHF last year and they were awesome, they were even better this year. The energy was fucking crazy at the upstairs stage. There was a ton of stage diving (including Gunface from The Red Chord!) Chance was joking around with the crowd and drinking beer the entire time. New song is fantastic, I can't wait to hear the rest of the new record. Crazy,crazy performance.

Carnifex: So fucking terrible. Every song sounded exactly the same. It did give me a chance to clear my text message inbox.

Times Of Grace: Fucking amazing. Jesse Leach sound exactly the same live as he does on record. I am still curious has to how Killswitch would have sounded if he stayed as them. The set was near perfect and I hope they play another show in Massachusetts soon.

Born Of Osiris: I've been waiting a long time to see Born Of Osiris. I love their new record The Discovery and the new guitar player Jason Richardson has enhanced their sound even further. They are an amazing live. Every song sounded better in a live environment. Crazy energy, tight performance and I can't for their tour this summer.

Between The Buried and Me: Best performance I have ever seen from them. I was speechless afterwards. The setlist was perfect. Selkies is the best live song I've ever heard. It's fucking gorgous. With this performance, Between The Buried and Me might have secured sole postion of best live band i've ever seen.

Hatebreed: As usual, awesome performance. Pretty much no puts has much energy into their sets as Hatebreed. Jamey Jasta is a fucking amazing frontman and he was so thankful that people stayed for their set despite it being such a long day. Great end to best show of my life.

Structures 7/10
Volumes 4/10
The Contoritionist 8/10
Son Of Aurelius 8.5/10
Last Chance To Reason 8.5/10
Lazarus A.D 9/10
Cephalic Carnage 8/10
Revocation 9/10
The Ocean 7.5/10
Dying Fetus 9/10
3 Inches Of Blood 9/10
Skeletonwitch 9.5/10
Carnifex 2/10
Times Of Grace 9.5/10
Born Of Osiris 9/10
Between The Buried and Me 10/10
Hatebreed 9.5/10
9/18 Fall of Troy
9/19 A$AP Rocky
10/3 Revocation/Archspire
11/15 Parkway Drive
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