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Gear/Studio/Jam Area Pics

I figured we should have a place to throw up some pics of our gear, playing areas, and studio setups. So, here we go...

Here's my current studio setup:

Currently I'm using Pro Tools 9. The last two years I've been focusing a lot on composition, so I'm using a lot of virtual instruments. I've got an extensive collection from East West, Native Instruments, etc. I've also been messing with a lot of virtual amps, so I have Eleven LE from Avid, Amplitube 3, and Pod Farm 2.

I play a lot of piano, and one of my favorites is the East West Quantum Leap Pianos... here's all 35 dual layer DVDs. What a bitch to install

My main guitar these days is a Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster. It's a pretty good all-around versatile guitar. It and my bass are now mounted on my wall:

And here's a shot of my bass guitar and the piano where I record actual piano performances (I only use the M-Audio Keystation that's on my desk for other MIDI stuff. It's not really suitable for real performances.)

I also had my fiancée paint this for me to hang above my studio area:

I fucking love the new BSG.
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