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That show was very awesome! Great review turtley! I woke up tired as shit from seeing the Meatmen and Black Fag the night before. I didn't expect it to be so god damn hot outside. I called out of work and picked my friend up around 2 or so and headed to the Blvd. We picked up some beers and kicked it in my car for an hour. It was so damn hot had to risk leaving the car on so we ahd some air conditioning to sit in. My friend gave me some bomb ass weed and I was extremely baked by the time I walked into the Blvd. My friends and I missed BrucexCambell, but were there in time for ACxDC. When I'm high I become scared of intense pits just cause it gets to intense for my high to handle haha. I stood behind the bassist of the band, where I knew I would be completely safe. Well I just stood there amazed at how crazy everything was haha.

Next up was Wormrot. I was extremely excited to see these guys again since I missed their set at the Scion fest. I stood in the back this time cause I was still too high to really handle being close haha. People were going crazy! Someone was thrown so hard he wen head first into the drums and knocked them over Then a fight broke out shortly after. Wormrot just kept playing through the fight. The fight was next to the vinyl table and all I could think of was "someone should protect the vinyl!" haha. Wormrot played the same set as before.

At this point we have 3 hours till the next band went on. We were told we could get back in for half off, which sucked cause I already paid full price for presale Well we walked with my friend to his car to put merch away. The guys that were in te first earlier came up to one of my buddies and got in his face about kicking him in the head during Wormrot. Well this was the most idiotic thing I have seen. My buddy, who was getting shit, was in the back with me the whole set, so he couldn't have possibly kicked the guy. The best part was the guy trying to start a fight was about 5 foot 8 and maybe 160 pounds and had two smaller friends with him. My buddy is at least 6 foot and weights 250 pounds, he had two other friends bigger then him, then I had two friends who were big guys, then little me. So it was 6 on 3 and my friend had an aluminum bat in his car. The fight was about to break out when the kid starting shit decided it wasn't worth it to fight anymore and took off. Too bad cause those kids start fights with everyone at every show they go to at the Blvd. After this my two friends and I drove up to Truly Vegan in Hollywood and had some dinner. My friend was laughing at me telling me if I didn't appear stoned as fuck at the show, then the Pancakes with a side of fries and soy chicken didnt help my case hahaha. We went back to the venue, got some more beer, but at this point I wanted to knock out cause I was coming down from the high and tired as fuck. I found ot I had over two hours till the next band I wanted to see, so I took a nap and woke up completely sober and refreshed. Went back inside in time to see Strong Intention. They were awesome! I hadn't seen them since Murderfest in 06.

After this I went outside and got a picture with Turtley and Seth. Turtleyseemed over whelmed with excitement after the picture hahaha. Murder Construct with up next and played an awesome set. I grabbed a setlist.

I am Thought
Destroy Babylon
Tinkers Delight
No Saviou
New Song
End of an Error

Next was Anal Cunt and they were awesome!!! I didn't recognize too many songs, but the ones listed are the ones I remember.
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