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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Um, only 25% of the set is from WPB, and one of those tracks isn't bad. That's not exactly a "WPB-heavy" set, IMO - considering that's their most current album.

"Americon" is the worst fucking thing ever, though.

They seriously need to forget that song ever existed. ASAFP.

The hate is because there's like two good songs on it ("Stain of Mind" and "Scrum"), one passable one ("Perversions of Pain"), and a whole lotta shit that makes most fans either want to go do something else, or smash the playback device which is creating the shitty sounds of one of our favorite bands ever putting out sub-standard crap material.

That's where the hate comes from.
I think Bitter Peace is awesome. I also think Death's Head and Screaming from the Sky were killer too, and the songs you mentioned. So far i like more songs from DIM than WPB.
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