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Terror -- Albany, NY -- April 13th, 2011

As always, sick show by Terror. One of my favorite live bands. I've concluded that One With The Underdogs is one of my favorite live songs by any band. Betrayer might be up there, too. Was very suprised they played 5 songs from Lowest Of The Low. Not complaining at all, that's a great album. Sucks to see Terror on a small stage, cause Scott is hilarious the way he runs around on a good size stage. Overall, they played for 45 minutes.

1) Stick Tight
2) One With The Underdogs
3) Betrayer
4) Life + Death
5) Better Off Without You
6) Out Of My Way
7) Your Enemies Are Mine
8) You're Caught
9) Lowest Of The Low
10) Don't Need Your Help
11) Overcome
12) Hell + Back
13) Spit My Rage
14) Always The Hard Way
15) Keep Your Mouth Shut
16) Keepers Of The Faith

Vids suck. Venue is awful for filming. Dark as the night, low stage, just nowhere good to film from.

I will go back and check the tape for Trapped Under Ice's set. I can't remember much of it, cause Justice didn't introduce most of the songs. They were great as well. Here are a couple vids.

Outcast (New Song)

I hope you're well. Go to hell.
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