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Carnifex -- Toronto, Ontario -- April 13th, 2011

Got there as Within The Ruins was playing, they made it into Canada this time but oddly their vocalist wasnt there, I thought at first they were playing pre-recorded stuff of him, but then realized they were letting kids in the crowd do vocals, I don't know if they were in bands, if not it was kinda stupid, but also kinda funny. Therefore it was hard to tell what they played, but I think the last one was Crossbuster.

Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

Yippie-Kay Yay Motherfucker
I Am Sammy Jankins
Carroll 14 Wossman 7
The Lost & Damned
I Am The Ocean
The Union


Precursor to Enslavement
Regulated Disposal of Life
Inhuman Affliction
A Mandatory Sacrifice
Persuasive Oppression
Samael The Destroyer
District of Misery


In Coalesce With Filth and Faith
Names Mean Nothing
The Diseased and the Poisoned
Entombed Monarch
My Heart in Atrophy
Love Lies in Ashes
Lie to My Face
Hell Chose Me
8/8 - I Declare War/Molotov Solution
8/9 - Summer Slaughter
8/13 - Blind Witness
9/16 - Parkway Drive
9/24 - Crush Em All
12/7 - BTBAM/AAL
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