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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
This sucks so fucking hard. I got into Chimaira big time after seeing them at Mayhem last year, and now they're fucking falling apart.
Dude. Dude. You haven't seen Chimaira if you haven't gone to a Chimaira Christmas in Cleveland. Holy. SHIT. Just look at the review of it from last December, they play the best sets imaginable. Almost played all of Impossibility of Reason! It was soooo good

And Rob, despite playing with 6FU, is definitely not done with Chimaira. They're just taking a little break to sort things out. They've already got a small hometown show in Cleveland planned for the end of may at Peabody's, so I excpect everything to be sorted out by then.

And I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a new album by the end of the year, and touring again. Don't worry, Chimaira is never done. Those are some hardass, blue collar dudes. This band ain't going anywhere.
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