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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
No, that's gay

Emos, goths, even the teens who went nuts over Nirvana at the time, they're all fundamentally the same. "No one understands me, I'm oppressed because I want to be different, people tell me I can't be who I want to be" bla bla bla.

Then all their favourite bands get on stage and say "don't let anyone tell you you can't be who you are" and they love it and feel like someone understands them, or some shit. Eventually they grow up and realise they weren't different in the first place, but it's all incredibly tired and shallow nonetheless.

Not words to describe Doug, and as I say he can certainly make just about anything sound far more important than any of these other dipshits, but he's basically saying the exact same thing I heard the singer of Black Veil Brides say in February, right before Wednesday 13 came on said the same thing all over again with Murderdolls.

But it's cool that at the time it resonated with you
You.....saw....Black Veil Brides.....?

But regardless, It did stick out with me because King's X is one of if not the most underrated band that's still going. They should be one of the biggest bands int he world right now, but alas they are not. They are playing venues, that I'm currently playing, and that does make me feel pretty sad. But through all of that they are still touring playing and making a career out of it, and this was at the point in my life I joined my band Shattered, and was about to get kicked out of my cover band for having another band. So Dug's message was exactly what I needed.

Maybe all of those bands say the same thing, but it's pointless when those bands, but I'll never see them live unless I have to open for them, or they are opening for a band I would actually care about. So it means more coming from Dug, then those guys.
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