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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I really dig this set. Put aside Amercicon and all that World painted Dog shit, this set is pretty nice in my book. Payback, Seasons, Silent Scream, The Anti Christ, Black Magic, Postmortem, And the rest is great(south of heaven, raining blood ect ect) minus the World Painted Blood tunes.

I really hope they keep a lot of these songs for The Big Four Show. More notably Payback, Postmortem, Black Magic and Anti Christ.
Yeah i hear ya about WPB. I don't understand all the good reviews on that album. It's so goddamn repetitive and boring. Psychopathy Red is a good one, but it seems like they're done with that song. I hate the fact they open with the title track too. It hardly has any energy. I wish they'd open with Hell Awaits or Evil Has No Boundaries one of these days.
Temptation into Dead Skin Mask can really slow the show down too. I'm glad they have 2 from Show No Mercy, Silent Scream, Postmortem, etc...
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