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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Or, y'know, that they actually have something going on with their family. I'm sure you're not somebody that has to be reminded that these bands are made of real people with real lives outside of music. Almost everyone has to call off prior engagements due to personal or family issues at some point in their life. I know I've done it...had to do it more times than I'd care to admit, actually.

Nevermore could be breaking up. But I'd like to think not because I still haven't seen them yet and I'd be pissed.
...And I'm not saying that isn't the case, and if they would have just said that it was family issue then I wouldn't have said a word. But when they add "personal issues" it rarely is anything but they don't want to be in a band right now and they need a break. And Of course there are times where it actually it is something personal that is not band related.

I just hope all parties involved are and will be ok.
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