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Skeletonwitch -- Iowa City, IA -- April 11th, 2011

3 Inches of Blood:

The Goatriders Horde
Destroy the Orcs
(new song)
Trial of Champions
Fear On The Bridge (Upon The Boiling Sea I)
(new song)
Silent Killer
Forest King
Deadly Sinners
Battles and Brotherhood

Blinding Black Rage
Submit to the Suffering
No Rest for the Dead
The Skullsplitter
Crushed Beyond Dust
Infernal Resurrection (new song)
Sacrifice For the Slaughtergod
Upon Wings of Black
Baptized in Flames
Repulsive Salvation
Beyond the Permafrost
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
The Despoiler of Human Life
Within My Blood
8/8 - Summer Slaughter
8/20 - American Carnage
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