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I saw TSO at Mohegan Sun CT on Sunday (04/10) - the setlist looks about the same as what's posted here. I thought it had about 1/2 the energy of their Christmas show personally, and was somewhat disappointed. Oh well...

Security at the venue was particularly dickish as well - I kept getting told to stop taking videos. I don't get that. It's not like my shitty little camera is going to produce vids that I'm going to sell and therefore take money from the record company executives wallets! In fact, I see it as I'm promoting their band for FREE when I post a concert vid on Youtube...

Here are a couple of vids from the show:
8/1 Van Halen
8/22 AC/DC
9/5 J. Geils Band
9/17 ZPZ
9/27 Ace Frehley
9/28 Ghost
10/24 Vintage Trouble
4/11 David Gilmour
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