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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Butcher, do you know how long Sabaton played for or what time Accept went on? I'm going to the show in San Francisco and I'm gonna be cutting it super-close due to a school talent show (I know it sounds stupid, but whatever).
I'd say Sabaton went on around 9:30, doors were 8:00. I would say they played a solid 35-45 Minutes. So the math is up to you.

Originally Posted by masterguy49 View Post
Yeah its the worst and you got it spot on, no band wants drive like 7/8 hours down to go back up
Im so planing to move when I turn 18. I want to go to college in FSU, so that should be better than down here.
Yeah but the Panhandle isn't known for shows either. Tally to Jax is 3 hours, and to Atlanta is 5...

I would say if you really want a good college and a good location for shows, just do UCF, you are in Orlando and within and hour and a half of Tampa.
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