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If anyone cared to know, here's Accept's setlist (from

1. Teutonic Terror
2. Bucket Full of Hate
3. Starlight
4. Love Child
5. Breaker
6. New World Comin'
7. Restless and Wild
8. Son of a Bitch
9. Midnight Mover
10. Metal Heart
Guitar Solo (performed by Wolf Hoffmann)
11. Neon Nights
12. Bulletproof
13. The Abyss
14. Losers and Winners
15. Aiming High
16. Princess of the Dawn
17. No Shelter
18. Up to the Limit
19. Burning
20. Fast as a Shark
21. Pandemic
22. Balls to the Wall

This is a fantastic Accept setlist IMO, if 18 songs on their last tour was 90 minutes, this has got to be a solid two hours at least. It's about time they started giving America sets the length of Europe's! The only songs I could ask for would be Beat the Bastards, Locked and Loaded and Head Over Heels.

Butcher, do you know how long Sabaton played for or what time Accept went on? I'm going to the show in San Francisco and I'm gonna be cutting it super-close due to a school talent show (I know it sounds stupid, but whatever).
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