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Sabaton -- Orlando, FL -- April 10th, 2011

*Note* Set Is slightly out of order.

While I do respect Accept as a band who have been able to stick around, and on their last album produce some good metal, I really don't care for them too much, so needless to say I was only here for Sabaton. I arrived just minutes before they went on due to me going to an Orlando City Soccer match beforehand (3-0 ), and as we are nearing the door to pay two blokes come up and say they would sell their tickets for $10 each because they were on the guest-list, so needless to say again... HELL YEAH! They worked, and I turned to thank them, gotta love the Metal Family.

Cut to the show; they were fucking tight! So strong live, and such stage presence! Joakim is a great live singer and overall a great frontman, knows how much to say and when a joke has run its course. I HIGHLY recommend seeing them on this tour if you were even thinking of it!

What a great way to start their 1st ever full NA Tour.

1. Ghost Division
2. 40:1
3. Wolfpack
4. Screaming Eagles
5. Nuclear Attack
6. Coat of Arms
7. Panzer Battalion
8. Primo Victoria
9. Metal Machine/Metal Crue

After the show, met the bassist, singer, and stand in drummer (who usually plays for Yngwie Malmsteen). And a note on the drummer, he is amazing! For barely knowing the set, my god he is a monster!

Then I was hanging around Merch, and ONCE AGAIN! I met Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse. We exchanged hello's, amazingly nice guy, and as he is about to leave he comes around again and says "Yeah man, out of all the bands I used to look up to and like in the 80's, Accept was up there man, so if it's a metal show I'm there, and if it's a band I love... Totally there!".

Then as I was leaving I saw the guitarist of Trivium, again... He is always around... And I usually just taunt him for the shits and gigs, but this time I decided to play super fan and tell him I was gonna see him with Iron Maiden in London and what not, and he was stoked and honored... and really fucking drunk...

(Note his "horns"...?)
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