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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I saw them as an Opening act...
Well, that's better than nothing, but knowing what you know now about their body of work as a whole and their awesomeness as a band, I'm sure you can appreciate that seeing them live as a headliner would be fucking tits (and it is).

I have faith you'll make it happen soon enough - and let's just say you're more than likely gonna be in for a real treat. Something to look forward to...

Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
If it takes 'til April, it takes 'til April. Better to do it late than not do it at all. I've really enjoyed your list... it's given me some new stuff to check out. Snake My Charms is great.
Sincerest thanks for that comment - you've completely validated the fact that even though I was somewhat embarrassed by how long it took, I kept at it and cranked it out. As I said a few posts earlier - it's about recognizing great music to me, and it sounds like that's what happened. I'm especially stoked that you picked up on one of the most obscure albums on my list...those No Hawaii dudes are the shit. Helluva debut album, eh? I suspect next to no one knows who they are, but if I can get a few folks interested, and they tell a few folks, who knows what might happen? Regardless if the word spreads or not, I'm damn glad someone else got to enjoy that awesome album.

You just made my day, brother! :brofist:
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