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Explosions in the Sky -- New York, NY -- April 6th, 2011

Postcard From 1952
The Birth and Death of the Day
Yasmin the Light
Last Known Surroundings
The Only Moment We Were Alone
Catastrophe and the Cure
Let Me Back In
Your Hand in Mine
Trembling Hands

Great show @ Radio City Music Hall. The openers were Eluvium and Low. Eluvium was kind of nothing special. It was a "solo piano performance." I would have enjoyed his set more if it was an actual band. Not that I don't like piano performances, I have just seen to much of them. Low was a little better. I love them on CD. I am just getting into the slowcore genre but so far all of the artist I've listened to are really great. In terms of a live performance it is just decent. I enjoyed them but they kind of got boring after a little while. EITS of course was great. The sound was incredibly loud during the fast parts, they really knew how to abuse the Radio City sound system! One thing worth noting is that even at a seated theater as extravagant as Radio City, a lot of the crowd was really energetic! That is the problem I have with many post-rock/orchestral shows, the crowd barely moves. But EITS fans actually know how to enjoy themselves. Overall, great night. Not really in the mood to go into more detail so I'll just leave it at this for now.

But...One small complaint: Why do people think it is necessary to take pictures with your shitty cell phone cameras from all the way up on the 3rd mezzanine at Radio City? High quality pit shots will be up on Brooklynvegan, there is no need for that!
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