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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
no tattoo in history has ever looked good on a woman.
Shut the fuck up. You have no clue what the hell you're talking about. I've seen plenty of tattoos that look not only great but VERY sexy on a women. You just probably haven't seen the right ones, broseph.

Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
So I have been thinking about getting a 2112 tattoo on my upper left bisect and a Somewhere in time Eddie on my right. Just wondering if any of you have a tattoo. It is my first time getting this done, so yeah, I'm nervous as fuk. Can you guys tell me your experience with your first tattoo, and if you don't, fuck it, just give me your ideas on tattoos in general, like if you like them as art, or do you think they are just plain stupid.
Thats fuckin' awesome man! I remember when I was at a metal show and I saw the Mummy Eddie tattoed on this girls right shoulder, pretty fucking awesome. More power to you man, I think tattoos are great because they're a way for people to express them selves be it anything, music, art, their love for anything, ect. I only have one Tattoo. I have the Slayer Eagle tattoo'd on my right leg(the Eagle as well as the bands name in full detail). Let me tell you El Turtle man, THE SHIT HURT LIKE A FUCKING BITCH. I couldn't stop bleeding on my right leg for a good month or so. Pretty painful experience. It feels like a really really hot burning knife is just stabbing into your skin for 6-8 hours(depends on how long you're there and how long your tat takes). I'd say the only thing that sucks about tattoos is the healing process and getting them. But once the final touches are're good to go.

I definitely give you props if you're really trying to get a somewhere in time eddie tattooed on your body. There's nothing more awesome than showing your love for something that you enjoy immensely by having it plastured on your body and representing the love for your favorite band. Fuck the negative comments, More power to you. Hope you get the tat that you want.

AND ALSO! Make sure you try and bargain with as much tat shops as much as you can. Go door to door. That's how it usually works. Say one guy wants to do your tat for say....400?...Go to the next shop tell em about the previous guy you went to and they will lower it to 300-350, then OFF to the next shop...keep doing that untill you find the Perfect one. I remember I went shop after shop. Some wanted to do my tattoo for 500, 600, 400, 300 I finally found a person who did it for 190. There's my 2 cents for ya.

I had this done back in summer of 2009.

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