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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
I'd definitely go if it weren't a 4.5 hour trek, man, but Chicago is tough to commit to for all but my absolute favorite bands. Kick ass up there and bring back your setlist.

Ok - Long story short, we were not permitted to play.
What happened was, in almost every city there were guest bands and musicians lined up to play. Once their management heard of this, they feared it could impact the show and cause coordination issues. It was a bummer but in the end I do understand. I talked to Zak, and we'll see about trying to do something next time they come around.

It sounds like they are coming back around in June again.

They played a ton of Savatage stuff including:
Edge of Thorns
Lights Out
He Carves His Stone
Taunting Cobras
Alone You Breathe
If I Go Away
Complaint in the System
2/18: Ghost In The Ruins / Maiden Chicago / The Mob Rules
3/17: Iced Earth / Warbringer / Ghost In The Ruins / Depremacy
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