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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
That would be a theremin:
Ah, thanks. I honestly hadn't a clue what it was. It seemed like some peculiar alien instrument to me. Now I feel like a noob.

Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
Sigur Ros is still the best 'post-rock' band ive seen live.. even beating out the recent Godspeed reunion show.
I have no doubt of that. Sigur Rós is right up there with Agalloch and Alcest on my list of bands to see live. I would actually expect it to be better than a GY!BE show.

Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
its quite fantastic actually and might be on par with 'the earth is not a cold dead place' will have to give it a few more listens to decide.
Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
People keep saying that. I don't see it (or hear it, to be exact). I think the new album is just as awesome as anything they've ever done - certainly not better, but definitely not "pales in comparison" territory, either.
I just don't agree. Maybe I'm not getting it, but I think Cold Dead Place is waaaaaaay better. It's probably my favorite album of theirs. To me there's just not a song on Take Care, Take Care, Take Care that measures up to "First Breath After Coma," "The Only Moment We Were Alone," or "Your Hand in Mine." Maybe it just needs some time to sink in. EITS isn't really the type of music though that I'd expect to 'take time to sink in,' so...
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