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The Goregrowler's Ball V

The Goregrowler's Ball V
Nov. 18-20, 2011
The Korova, San Antonio TX

SUFFOCATION *** (New York, Nuclear Blast Records)
BRUTAL TRUTH *** (New York, Relapse Records)
EXHUMED *** (California, Relapse Records)
HIRAX *** (California, Black Devil Records)
INTERNAL BLEEDING (New York, unsigned)
GOATWHORE (Louisiana, Metal Blade Records)
IMPIETY (Singapore, Pulverised Records)
DECEASED… (Virginia, Shrieks from the Hearse Records)
SOLSTICE (Florida, CXD Media)
PUTRID PILE (Wisconsin, Sevared Records)
NOISEAR (New Mexico, Relapse Records)
NOKTURNEL (Texas, unsigned)
HAVOK (Colorado, Candlelight Records)
FUNERUS (Pennsylvania, Ibex Moon Records)
DEHUMANIZED (New York, unsigned)
HELLWITCH (Florida, Xtreeme Music)
ROTTENNESS (Mexico, Sevared Records)
VIRAL LOAD (Texas, Sevared Records)
DERKETA (Pennsylvania, Necroharmonic Records)
ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY (North Carolina, Comatose Music)
BLOODSOAKED (North Carolina, Comatose Music)
CARDIAC ARREST (Illinois, Ibex Moon Records)
HOD (Texas, Ibex Moon Records)
SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER (California, Crash Records)
MAAX (Indiana, Abyss Records)
SARGON (Arizona, Old Cemetery Records)
VORE (Arkansas, unsigned)
SEVERANCE (Texas, Sevared Records)
DROGHEDA (Ohio, Goatgrind Records)
FACE OF OBLIVION (Minnesota, Comatose Music)
UNCLEANSED (Texas, Grindethic Records)
DISFIGURED (Texas, Comatose Music)
MEATHOOK (Arizona, Sevared Records)
FACE OF RUIN (Wisconsin, unsigned)
GUTSAW (California, unsigned)
ENABLER (Minnesota, unsigned)
INVIDIOSUS (Minnesota, unsigned)
EXTREMELY ROTTEN (Florida, unsigned)
LOCUSTA (Ohio, unsigned)
ENGAGED IN MUTILATING (Texas, Comatose Music)
EVISCERATED (Texas, Sevared Records)
BARING TEETH (Texas, Willowtip Records)
VAGINAL BEAR TRAP (Texas, Ossuary Industries Records)
VEX (Texas, Horror Pain Gore Death productions)
VOMIT GOD (Colorado, Ossuary Industries)
PILLCRUSHER (Texas, unsigned)
GOREMATORY (New Jersey, unsigned)
FUNERAL RITES (Texas, unsigned)
EMPERIAL MASSACRE (Texas, unsigned)
BLOWTORCH SODOMY (Florida, unsigned)
FLESH HOARDER (Texas, unsigned)

*** indicates Headliner.

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