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Originally Posted by kommie View Post
I've just started listening to Meshuggah, where's a good place to start, and are there any albums where they never playing anything off live? Should I avoid any CD?
CHAOSPHERE. Fucking perfect album. Its in my top 5 of all time. ObZen is also amazing. Start off with those two, both of them are pretty prevalent and played live. Nothing is a great album, but a little deep and very progressive. Destroy Erase Improve is also good, but of a different style than their later stuff.

To start, I recommend starting with Chaosphere and ObZen.

As for the set, fucking great! I could go without seeing Stengah or Electric Red and replacing it with New Millennium Cyanide Christ or Corridor of Chameleons or something. Can't wait for the new album and eventual new tour
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